Training Programmes

TMS Training/Development/Capacity Building in 2021

January 2022 Update

Traveller Mediation & Conflict Training Programme 2020-1
• The final part of programme had to be paused between January and May 2022 due to participants’ difficulty in attending during that period. It re-commenced in May and was completed on 15th June.
• Two participants successfully passed the MII assessment leading to certified Mediator status. They will now join the TMS Mediator panel.

Four Counties Accredited Traveller Mediation Programme
The piloting of an MII Accredited Traveller Mediation Programme for Travellers in counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary, in partnership with Maynooth University, due to commence in 2021 was postponed until 2022 due to continuing COVID19 restrictions.

Prison Peer Mediation in Prison (PM) Programmes in 2021
The TMS Peer Mediation in Prisons programme was significantly impacted again in 2021 due to COVID19 restrictions. Outside agencies were not permitted to enter many of the prisons for a number of months in 2021.

In January 2021 TMS made contact with the prisons as below to see when it might be possible to resume the programme in individual prisons in 2021.

Castlerea Prison
• In contact with Castlerea prison in April to explore setting up online mentoring sessions with prisoners who have completed the PM programme.
• Meeting took place in November in Castlerea Prison to discuss the delivery of new Peer Mediation in Prisons Programme.

Cork Prison
• In contact with Cork prison to explore setting up online mentoring sessions with prisoners who have completed the PM programme.
• Putting together presentations for loop prison cell system, with aim of re-starting face-to-face programmes in prisons in September.
• TMS presentation completed and sent to Cork prison to be put on loop prison cell system in July, with the aim of re-starting the programmes in September.
• In September TMS made contact with Education Department. Permission not received by December for agencies to come back into Cork prison.

Limerick Prison
• TMS contacted the prison in September to offer the Peer Mediation in Prisons programme.
• TMS met with Limerick Prison staff and prospective trainees; PM programme scheduled to start on 1st November 2021.
• Due to IPS staff shortages, the PM programme was deferred until January 2022.

Loughan House Open Prison
• Loughan House requested Peer Mediation training for Traveller prisoners in September.
• TMS made contact with Loughan House Education Dept. to see whether there are sufficient numbers to run the PM course before Christmas.
• TMS held an information morning in December regarding delivering a PM programme in early 2022.

Midlands Prison
• In contact with the Education Department. early in the year.
• Due to COCVID19 restrictions in the prison it was not possible to run PM programmes over 2021.
• In contact with Education Department in December with plan to start a PM programme in late January 2022.

Portlaoise Prison
• In June 2021 TMS made contact with Portlaoise Prison to confirm re-commencing the PM programme in September.
• The Peer Mediation programme started on 4th October in Portlaoise .
• The TMS PM programme was completed with 12 prisoners receiving Certificates of Completion from the Governor in December.

IPS Prison Officer Recruits training
• TMS delivered eight X two hour training session with IPS Prison Officer Recruits in Portlaoise in 2021.
• The training took place on the following dates: 15th January; 26th February; 16th April; May 28th; July 9th; 20th August; 8th October; and 15th November.

Other TMS Training Programmes/ Workshops delivered in 2021
In January and February 2021:
• TMS ran a training session for a PSNI Officer group on the work of TMS
• A TMS training session for Mincéirs Whiden took place.
• TMS contacted a number of Traveller organisations in January and February, and held preliminary discussions about potential training for 2021

During March and April:
• TMS contacted local county councils to offer online training sessions to staff.
• Continued to engage with Traveller organisations and to hold preliminary discussions about potential TMS training for 2021/2.
• Engaged with Youth-reach and other Youth centres with Traveller participants, with the aim of delivering Conflict Skills training to groups later in the year.
• TMS took part in a training for student social workers about the work of TMS, and letting them know how they could avail of our service in the future.
• TMS organised training for the TMS panel in Tullamore.

In May and June:
• TMS delivered an online workshop for Kildare County Council staff around the work of TMS.
• TMS attended a meeting with Offaly Traveller Movement (OTM) around setting up a course on conflict resolution with young Travellers. This was followed by the delivery of a six week Conflict Resolution skills training with the Local Training Initiative (LTI) group in OTM, Tullamore.
• TMS has run three sessions to date of a six week training sessions with a group of Traveller men from the Mullingar area on conflict resolution.
• TMS ran two conflict coaching sessions with young Traveller men in Cork city.
• TMS are delivering a six week basic conflict resolution skills training to a group of young Traveller men in Loughrea. Three sessions have been run to date.
• TMS Information session was delivered to the staff team of Galway Traveller Movement
• TMS delivered training to Tallaght Traveller Project on mediation and the role of TMS.
Role play training for students of TMS mediation course took place.

In July and August:
• The ‘Understanding Conflict ‘programme in Loughrea was completed on 22nd July. Course Completion Certificates were awarded to eight young Traveller men.
• The group requested further training, and the six week TMS Peer Mediation Programme started on 5th August.
• Meeting with Men’s Shed members in Tullamore regarding training.
• Meetings with Southside Travellers, Tallaght Travellers, and Clondalkin Travellers to assess training needs for 2021/22.

In September and October:
• Loughrea group Peer Mediation Programme was completed on 16th September. Six students received Certificates of Completion.
• Training set up to commence in November in the following locations: Tullamore; Tallaght; Exchange House, Dublin.

In November and December:
• TMS held a training day for staff of the Tallaght Traveller Project.
• Offaly Traveller Movement Young Persons training: ‘Introduction to Conflict Management and Mediation’ took place over three weeks in November & December. Presentation of certificates was held in OTM on 16th December.
• Exchange House Staff Workshop has been deferred until January 2022.