Traveller Projects – Staff Training


Conflict whether potential, existing or historical, exists in all our lives and this course, as an introduction to conflict management, is designed to
create a better understanding of conflict management principles, as well as establish a grounding in self-awareness and group dynamics when dealing with issues that may result in conflict in all its guises.

The TMS model of conflict management training includes a mixture of discussion and skills education. We encourage participants to engage in
dialogue around the issues surrounding conflict as well as to learn some basic skills.  As an introductory course, its aim is to facilitate the
participant to better understand how to manage conflict, how to engage more confidently in issues that may feel like conflict  and how to better manage destructive conflict in order to prevent its quick / damaging escalation.

Recommended duration of course for an average group of 8 – 10 persons:  12 hours across 6 weeks

Consisting of: 1 session of 2 hours (with a break) per week for 6 weeks.

Please note, this course is adaptable and can be delivered in a flexible manner (face to face) depending on group size and dynamics.