MII Accredited Mediation Programme


The Programme is a collaboration between The Traveller Mediation Service (TMS) and Blossom Development and accredited by Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

The aim of this course is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, attitude, and awareness to be able to act as a professional
ethical mediator in disputes between two or more persons in a variety of settings. The course is designed to meet the core requirements needed
to become a certified mediator as per The Mediators Institute of Ireland guidelines. Participants are expected to be able to practice as mediators within and outside of their own cultural contexts.

The Objectives (Learning outcomes) of this course are:

  • To develop understanding of conflict theory, dynamics, and conflict management processes.
  • To learn about conflict styles, develop awareness of own preferred conflict style and learn how to expand own repertoire of behaviours to suit a variety of contexts, particularly when mediating.
  • To gain a through understanding of core mediation concepts, theories, processes and principles.
  • To have knowledge of requirements of mediators under the Mediation Act 2017.
  • To have knowledge of the MII code of ethics for mediators and in line with that integrated mediation principles and ethnics into their practice mediation.
  • To develop and be able to use mediation skills and principled negotiation strategies to the level of competency as laid down in the MII certified assessment requirements.
  • To raise awareness of how belief systems, assumptions and biases impact the mediation process and to facilitate the development of ways of managing these.

Course timeframe: 70 hours