Young Person’s Conflict Skills Training

The aim of the programme is to equip the participants with a range of communication and conflict related skills, to provide participants with
opportunities to explore conflict and problem solving in hopes of empowering them to use a conflict management process when faced with
conflict. The Traveller Mediation Service from their experience confirms that there is an urgent need for a more targeted service specifically aimed at young Travellers to assist them with developing these skills.

Fun, educational games and exercises are designed to reinforce learning by providing a safe environment for the participants to explore conflict while meeting the following programme objectives:

  • To provide the participants with knowledge, skills, and competence in the areas of conflict management and personal and interpersonal development.
  • To assist the participants to understand the causes of conflict, and to develop ways of managing conflict within the cultural context of the Traveller community as well as with the wider community.
  • To build on the participants self-awareness, inter-personal and teamworking skills.
  • To provide participants with a fun, educational learning experience about conflict and conflict in communication.
  • To provide participants with the awareness of their own conflict management and communication styles.
  • To promote change and to provide participants with the skills needed to enable change.

The programme will include a literacy component that is supported through a narrative approach using traditional storytelling. This concept is
applied to promote participants to use their own creativity, in processing and how conflict management can affect their own lives.

This programme is free, and participants will receive a certificate from the Traveller Mediation Service upon completion. The programme will be
delivered in the young person’s local organization, it will run for 6 weeks, and it will be delivered for 2 hours, one day a week with a
break in between. This program is suitable for young people of all ages.

If you have any questions, contact Verona Caldwell Programme facilitator