Traveller Mediation Service (TMS)

The Traveller Mediation Service continues to provide a service during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and to respond to requests for mediation and support.


TMS works to mediate conflicts between Travellers, between Travellers & Agencies, and between Travellers and the Settled Community.

The service promotes and delivers conflict prevention and intervention skills training and capacity building to TMS stakeholders.


  • By proactively responding to, and working to resolve, conflicts using mediation and other conflict intervention strategies where appropriate.
  • By engaging with, building and strengthening relationships with Traveller families, Traveller organisations, and with organisations in which Traveller participate.
  • By interacting and engaging with all the relevant statutory agencies.
  • By implementing alternative dispute resolution through capacity building and training of Travellers and those working with them.
  • By raising awareness, and promoting and disseminating TMS information to the wider community.