Traveller Mediation Service (TMS)


TMS works to mediate conflicts between Travellers, between Travellers & Agencies, and between Travellers and the Settled Community.

The service promotes and delivers conflict prevention and intervention skills training and capacity building to TMS stakeholders.


  • By proactively responding to, and working to resolve, conflicts using mediation, conflict coaching, restorative approaches and other conflict
    intervention strategies where appropriate.
  • By engaging with, building and strengthening relationships with Traveller families,Traveller organisations, and with organisations in which Traveller participate.
  • By interacting and engaging with all the relevant statutory agencies.
  • By implementing alternative dispute resolution through capacity building and training of Travellers and those working with them.
  • By raising awareness, and promoting and disseminating TMS information to the wider community.


John O’Sullivan, Cork Traveller Visibility Group

To say we have found the Traveller Mediation Service a valuable national resource is an understatement. The project has proven itself to us to be vital in helping to reduce the high levels of conflict that exist in the community today through peer led mediation work.

Geraldine Dunne, Southside Travellers

I would like to say that the Traveller Mediation Service is an essential
service for Travellers and Traveller organisations.
It has the professionalism, technique, expertise, awareness and knowledge to deal with all Traveller conflict in an effective way which achieves a positive outcome from its approach and wisdom

Brigid Quilligan, Aras AN Phobail, Boherbee, Tralee, Kerry

Kerry Traveller’s Health CDP have found this service to be a lifeline. The TMS is experienced, skilled and supportive. I cannot emphasis enough the level of support we have received from the service; they are a fantastic team.

Hugh Friel, Donegal Traveller’s Project

Donegal Travellers Project would like to express how vital the
TMS service has been to us in Donegal.

Superintendent Kevin Daly, An Garda Siochana

My experience of working with the Traveller Mediation Service has been very positive in terms of joint cooperation, trust and a shared willingness to de-escalate tense conflict scenarios. I am aware of their valuable intervention in many difficult conflict situations.

Brigid Carmody, Cork Traveller Women’s Network

TMS have a unique understanding of the complex causes of conflict within the Traveller community and bring an excellent understanding of Traveller culture to their mediation work. This cultural understanding is essential to the work.

Bridget Kelly, Galway Traveller Movement

Galway Traveller Movement have found the Traveller Mediation Service an immensely valuable resource and the support and the expertise that it brings to the work is of great assistance to us as a local project.